You Can Do as You Please 2 - Cheating son fucks mother-in-law while wife sleeping

20:12 HD

"You Can Do as You Please 2" is a game that explores the darker side of human desires and the consequences of giving in to one's darkest impulses. In this sequel, we follow the story of a cheating son who takes advantage of his mother-in-law while his wife is sleeping soundly in the next room.

The game begins with the son, Michael, arriving at his in-laws' house for a family gathering. His wife, Linda, is already fast asleep in the guest room, exhausted from a long day of travel. As Michael slips out of the room to get some water, he encounters his mother-in-law, Sarah, who has been waiting up for him.

Sarah is an attractive woman in her early 40s, with a curvaceous figure and a seductive smile. She has always had a flirtatious relationship with Michael, and tonight, her eyes hold a gleam of mischief that he can't ignore.

"It's so good to see you, Michael," she purrs, running a finger down his chest. "You know, I've been thinking about you a lot lately."

Michael should walk away, but the desire that has been building inside him is too strong to resist. He finds himself drawn to Sarah, unable to control his baser urges.

"I've been thinking about you too," he admits, his voice low and husky.

Sarah smiles, her eyes darkening with desire. She leads Michael to the living room, where they can be alone and uninterrupted. The sound of Linda's soft snores echoes from the bedroom, but Michael is too caught up in the moment to care.

As they sink onto the couch, Michael and Sarah engage in a passionate kiss, their tongues exploring each other's mouths hungrily. Michael can't help but notice the feel of Sarah's ample breasts pressing against his chest, or the way her hips grind against his growing erection.

Sarah breaks the kiss, her breath coming out in ragged gasps. "I want you, Michael," she whispers, her hands already working on the buttons of his pants. "I need to feel your cock inside me."

Michael doesn't resist as Sarah pulls out his erect member and begins to stroke it. Her hands are warm and knowledgable, teasing him mercilessly until he's on the edge of his seat.

"Fuck me, Michael," she moans, guiding his cock to her entrance. "I need to feel you deep inside me."

With a groan, Michael thrusts into Sarah, burying himself to the hilt in her welcoming warmth. The sensation is exquisite, and he can't help but moan in pleasure as he begins to move in and out of her.

As they fuck, Michael can't help but feel a twinge of guilt, knowing that his wife is just a few feet away. But the pleasure is too intense, and he quickly pushes those thoughts aside, losing himself in the moment.

Sarah's moans grow louder, and she wraps her legs around Michael's waist, urging him to go deeper. He obliges, pounding into her with increasing intensity, their bodies slapping together in a frenzied rhythm.

Finally, Michael feels his climax approaching. With a few final thrusts, he explodes inside Sarah, filling her with his hot seed. Sarah cries out in pleasure, her own orgasm rocking through her as her son-in-law empties himself inside her.

As their passion subsides, Michael and Sarah lie together on the couch, their breathing ragged and their hearts pounding. They know that what they've done is wrong, but the intensity of their desire has left them unable to resist.

The sound of Linda's snores still echoes from the bedroom, a stark reminder of the consequences of their actions. As Michael and Sarah contemplate their future and the possibility of getting caught, they realize that their lives will never be the same again.

The game continues with Michael and Sarah navigating the complex web of lies and deception that their affair has created. As they struggle to keep their secret hidden, they must confront the moral implications of their actions and the potential damage that their betrayal could cause to their relationships and their family.

Through a series of difficult choices and emotional encounters, players must guide Michael and Sarah through the aftermath of their fateful decision, exploring the consequences of their actions and the lengths they will go to in order to protect their secret. In the end, they must face the truth and come to terms with the fact that their actions have irreparably changed the course of their lives.

The game serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of giving in to temptation and the importance of considering the consequences of one's actions. As players navigate the complex web of lies and deceit, they must confront the moral implications of their choices and the potential damage that their betrayal could cause to their relationships and their family.

April 11, 2024