Warcraft - Jaina Proudmoore and her diplomatic relations - 3D HMV

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The sun set over the majestic city of Theramore, casting a warm golden glow over the ivory towers and bustling streets. Jaina Proudmoore, the city's wise and beautiful ruler, stood on the balcony of her palace, her eyes fixed on the horizon.

As the leader of the Alliance, Jaina had many responsibilities, and tonight was no exception. She was expecting a special visitor, one who could tip the balance of power in the ongoing war between the Alliance and the Horde.

Her visitor arrived just as the last rays of sunlight disappeared, his massive, muscular form silhouetted against the darkening sky. It was Thrall, the powerful and enigmatic warchief of the Horde, who had come to discuss a potential alliance between their factions.

Jaina greeted Thrall with a respectful nod, her​ icy blue eyes meeting his fiery gaze. They retired to her private chambers, where they could speak freely and discuss the terms of their potential partnership.

As they sat across from each other, Jaina could not help but admire Thrall's strength and wisdom. He was a formidable leader, and she knew that uniting their forces could bring an end to the devastating war.

The negotiations were tense, with both leaders unwilling to compromise on key issues. However, as the night wore on, they found common ground, and a tenuous agreement began to form.

As they neared a resolution, Jaina sensed a change in Thrall's demeanor. His eyes lingered on her, and she felt a sudden heat in her gut. She knew that Thrall was not just her adversary – he was a man, with desires and passions like any other.

Thrall rose from his seat, his massive frame towering over Jaina. She looked up at him, her heart racing as she realized the nature of his desire. Without a word, he moved towards her, his hands reaching out to cup her face.

Jaina did not resist as Thrall's lips crashed down on hers, his tongue invading her mouth with a passion that surprised her. She moaned softly, her body surrendering to his touch as he pressed her against the cold stone wall.

Thrall's hands roamed over her body, squeezing her breasts and caressing her hips. Jaina could feel the heat of his desire, his arousal evident through his clothes. She reached down, fumbling with the fastenings of his pants, desperate to feel the full length of his cock.

With a groan, Thrall freed himself from his pants, his massive, throbbing cock springing forth. Jaina gasped at the sight of it, her own desire stirring in her loins. Without hesitation, she sank to her knees, her lips parting as she took the tip of his cock into her mouth.

Thrall moaned with pleasure as Jaina's tongue caressed his shaft, her lips sliding up and down its length. She savored the taste of him, the musky scent of his arousal filling her senses.

As Thrall's moans grew louder, Jaina knew that he was close to release. She redoubled her efforts, her hands gripping his hips as she took his entire length into her mouth. With a final, guttural groan, Thrall erupted, his hot seed spilling into Jaina's waiting throat.

The two leaders, now bound by their shared desire, stood together, their breaths coming in ragged gasps. They knew that their alliance was not just political – it was deeply personal, forged in the heat of passion and the throes of ecstasy.

Their negotiations resumed the next day, but the atmosphere had shifted. The tension between them had changed, fueled by the memory of their passionate encounter. As they finalized the terms of their alliance, they knew that their relationship had changed forever, bound together by the diplomatic relations they had forged in the night.

April 19, 2024