Marriage Blue - Senpai gives man's fiance an NTR fuck before her wedding

Marriage Blue: Konyakusha ga Iru no ni, Doushite Konna Otoko ni...... / Marriage Blue: I have a fiancé, so why did I meet this man? / マリッジブルー 「婚約者がいるのに, どうしてこんな男に......」/ 메리지 블루 - Based on a game by Lune TeamBitters. Masaharu and his fiancée Sayaka are preparing for their wedding. Masaharu's sister Misato is taking care of the planning and preparations together with her lover Kaneko Ryuuji whom they have known since college. Everything seems to be going fine, however Ryuji takes an interest in Sayaka after seeing her in her wedding dress. When Masaharu is busy and unable to attend one of their meetings due to work Ryuji takes advantage of his absence and begins to make Sayaka his hot fuck toy after she has a bit too much to drink.

March 8, 2024