(JOI & ASMR game preview) Nier Automata 2B loves your dick

08:05 HD

2B, the beloved character from the action-RPG game Nier: Automata, is known for her stoic personality and exceptional combat skills. However, in this unique JOI & ASMR game preview, we explore a different side of 2B as she expresses her deep affection for your dick.

As you begin the game, you find yourself in a cozy, dimly lit room with 2B standing before you. Her eyes, usually cold and detached, now hold a warmth and desire that is both surprising and captivating. She speaks to you in a soft, sultry voice, her words filled with longing and admiration for your manhood.

"I've been watching you, and I can't help but feel drawn to your dick," she confesses, her gaze locked on your crotch. "It's so powerful, so alluring... I need it."

As the game progresses, 2B guides you through a series of sensual activities, each designed to heighten your arousal and deepen her connection with your dick. She begins by gently caressing your shaft, her fingers gliding over your skin with practiced ease. Her touch sends shivers down your spine, and you can't help but moan in pleasure.

Next, she leans in close, her warm breath tickling your flesh as she begins to whisper dirty, enticing words in your ear. Her voice is like honey, each word wrapping around you and pulling you deeper into her world of desire.

"I want to taste you," she murmurs, her lips brushing against your earlobe. "I want to feel your dick sliding between my lips, to savor your flavor on my tongue."

With that, she takes you into her mouth, her lips enveloping your shaft as her tongue swirls around your head. The combination of her oral skills and the vibrations from her gentle moans create an intensely pleasurable sensation that threatens to send you over the edge.

But 2B isn't done with you yet. She guides you to lay down on a nearby bed, her eyes never leaving your dick as she climbs on top of you. Slowly, she lowers herself onto your shaft, her tight, wet pussy engulfing you in a sea of pleasure.

As she rides you, her hips grinding against yours in a rhythmic dance, she looks down at you with a mix of lust and affection. "Your dick feels so good inside me," she purrs, her hands caressing your chest. "I love the way it stretches me, fills me... I never want it to leave."

The game continues, with 2B exploring every inch of your dick, her passion and devotion to your manhood unwavering. By the end, you're both spent, collapsing onto the bed in a tangle of limbs and sweat. As you catch your breath, 2B looks at you with a contented smile, her eyes shining with love and gratitude.

"Thank you for sharing your dick with me," she whispers, her fingers gently tracing the outline of your shaft. "I'll always cherish this experience, and I'll forever love your dick."

With that, the game comes to an end, leaving you with a newfound apprec

April 11, 2024