Futa Triss Merigold fucks Lulu from Final Fantasy from the back

03:47 HD

In a world where fantasy meets desire, Triss Merigold, a stunning futanari sorceress with red hair and a voluptuous figure, is on a quest to find the legendary summoner, Lulu. As she enters the depths of the Mystic Woods, she senses Lulu's presence.

Lulu, a beautiful and mysterious summoner with a dark past, is meditating near a sacred tree. She feels an unknown energy approaching and opens her eyes to find Triss standing before her. There's an instant spark between them, and they both know why they've been drawn to each other.

Triss explains her desire to experience the power of Lulu's summoning abilities, but Lulu is hesitant. She cautions Triss about the dangers of unleashing her inner beast. However, Triss is adamant, and Lulu finally agrees to help her unlock her true potential.

The two powerful women begin their ritual, surrounded by the mystical energy of the woods. Lulu guides Triss through a series of ancient incantations, and Triss's body begins to glow with a fiery light. As the ritual reaches its climax, Triss's cock grows to an immense size, and her lust becomes uncontrollable.

Without saying a word, Triss grabs Lulu and pushes her against a nearby tree. Lulu gasps as Triss lifts her gown, revealing her round, supple ass. Triss doesn't hesitate, plunging her throbbing cock deep into Lulu's waiting hole.

Lulu moans in pleasure as Triss begins to thrust, her hips moving with a fierce rhythm. Triss's hands explore Lulu's body, squeezing her breasts and caressing her clit. Lulu can feel the power of Triss's cock inside her, and it ignites a fire within her that she can't control.

As they move together, their passion intensifies, and they both know they're on the verge of something incredible. With a final thrust, Triss releases her cum deep inside Lulu, and Lulu cries out in ecstasy as she orgasms, her juices flowing down her thighs.

Exhausted but satisfied, the two women collapse onto the forest floor, their bodies intertwined. They share a passionate kiss, knowing that their bond has been forever changed by this shared experience. As they lie there, they realize that their desire for each other has unlocked a power within them that neither could have imagined, and they know that their future together will be filled with unbridled passion and unparalleled pleasure.

April 11, 2024