Classmates 2 ep8 - Ugly bastard takes a vicious beatdown after spying on schoolgirl

28:57 HD

???? In episode eight of Classmates 2, our petite schoolgirl protagonist becomes aware of an ugly bastard who has been spying on her for some time. Enraged by his violation of her privacy, she decides to confront him and deliver a well-deserved beating.

The scene opens with our heroine cornering the unsuspecting voyeur in a deserted hallway at school. She wastes no time in unleashing her fury, her small fists flying as she delivers a flurry of punches to his face. The ugly bastard, caught off guard, stumbles backwards, attempting to defend himself from her vicious onslaught.

Reeling from the impact, the bastard tries to escape, but our schoolgirl is relentless in her pursuit. She chases him down the hall, her feet moving swiftly in her determination to exact her revenge. Cornering him once more, she rains down a series of powerful kicks, targeting his most vulnerable areas.

As he writhes in pain on the ground, our heroine stands over him, her chest heaving from exertion and adrenaline. Her eyes blaze with righteous fury, and she delivers a final, crushing blow, leaving the ugly bastard motionless on the floor.

With her enemy defeated, our schoolgirl walks away with her head held high, her sense of justice restored. The scene ends with her disappearing around the corner, leaving the ugly bastard to lick his wounds and learn a valuable lesson about respecting others' privacy.

April 11, 2024