Classmates 2 ep7 - Petite schoolgirl is fucked after a sweaty workout

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????️‍♀️ In episode seven of Classmates 2, our petite schoolgirl protagonist engages in a vigorous workout, pushing her small frame to its limits. As she exercises, her body glistens with sweat, her chest heaving as her heart races. Her uniform clings to her curves, accentuating her slender legs and the gentle swell of her breasts. The physical exertion leaves her breathless and invigorated, yet also vulnerable and in need of release.

After her workout, she finds herself in the locker room, alone and aroused. Her fingers tremble as she reaches under her skirt, her delicate touch exploring her sensitive folds. Lost in her moment of self-pleasure, she doesn't notice someone entering the room until it's too late.

A tall, mysterious figure approaches her from behind, their strong hands gripping her hips. The sudden sensation of being touched sends a shiver down her spine, her body taut with anticipation. As the stranger begins to undress her, she realizes she has no power to resist - and no desire to do so.

Our heroine surrenders to the moment, allowing herself to be led to a nearby bench. There, her legs are spread wide, exposing her most intimate places to her new lover. The stranger's touch is both tender and demanding, their expert hands and lips exploring every inch of her petite frame.

The scene unfolds in a flurry of passionate movements, our schoolgirl's moans of pleasure echoing off the locker room walls. Her small body is pushed to its limits once more, this time by the relentless thrusts of her lover. As she reaches her climax, her world narrows to the pulsating sensations coursing through her, her final cry of ecstasy lingering in the air long after the stranger has disappeared, leaving her exhausted and utterly satisfied.

April 11, 2024